Great beer is messy. 

From the outset in 1997, Dark Horse Brewery was fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence and creativity in brewing, with an unflinching disregard for anything that didn’t captivate the taste buds.

In truth, the journey has been filled with adversity, highs, lows, and even a bit of TV show fame. Some might even label the odyssey as reckless. Yet, it was through this tumultuous journey that Dark Horse Brewery honed its award-winning craft and culture. Producing remarkable IPAs, beloved ales, big bold stouts, sought-after session beers, wild events, and boasting more than 5000 mug club members.

Fast forward 27 years, now guided by new leadership under managing partner Chuck Mascari Jr. Dark Horse Brewing Co. remains one of the few lasting independent forces in the Michigan craft brewing scene with a brand impact embraced across the globe. Every month, over 1,000 hardcore #darkhorsenation beer fans check in to our brews on Untappd, from all over the world!

Now, we’re not only a craft brewery, but also a small distillery and small winemaker. Our Beer Garten is a unique entertainment venue for up-and-coming artists. For patrons and Marshall visitors, we offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner at our Commons Market and Taproom, and open our Beer Garten from May through October. There are six major events at the brewery every year starting with Winterfest Beer Olympics and ending the year with an 80’s themed, 4ELF Party!

With a blend of rebellion, responsibility, and boundless curiosity infused into every brew, Dark Horse Brewing Co. beers continue to stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and taste. Visit the Brewery today and experience it for yourself! Join the #darkhorsenation!